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Interview With Kristi Cook, author of HAVEN

Yo, yo, yo! I'm introducing a new thing to my blog, So Very Violet's Interviews. The first interview i'm doing is Kristi Cook, the author of Haven--and also my mom. And now, the Q&A.

Q: What are two of your favorite YA books?
A: Hmm, two of my favorites are probably ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, and THE HUNGER GAMES.  Very different kinds of books, but I loved them both.  Other favorites include UNEARTHLY, THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO, DIVERGENT....the list goes on and on!  As you might have noticed, I read a lot.  :o)

Q: Are there any stars you pictured as Aidan and Violet?
A:  I never really pictured anyone as Violet, but I did see a young Hayden Christensen in my head as Aidan. 

Q: Who was your favorite character from your book HAVEN?
A:  Well, I really like Violet.  I like that she's loyal and competent and capable--that she's got skills and powers of her own.  And I like that she's able to walk away from Aidan at times--she's not totally dependent on him.  She gets mad at him--even if it's unreasonable, but she's human, and humans get mad sometimes for no good reason, right?!  There's a balance of power in her relationship with Aidan, and I think that's important.  

Q: If you could have one of the Winterhaven students psych. powers, which would it be?
A:  Probably Cece's power, astral projection. Ever since I read Lois Duncan's STRANGER WITH MY FACE (when I was about 11 or 12), I've been really interested in it.  

Q: Where did you get the idea for HAVEN?
A: I actually saw a scene in my head--the scene that eventually became the opening of chapter two.  After that, I really wanted to figure out who these characters were, and what they meant to each other.  Once I imagined the Winterhaven School, it all started to come together in my mind. 

Q: Was there any character you didn't like?
A: I actually like all my characters, even the ones who are deliciously evil!  

Q:  Can you tell me anything about the second book in the series?  I'm dying to read it!
A:  I can tell you the title--MIRAGE.  It's coming out sometime next summer (2012) and continues the story of Violet, Aidan, and their pals at Winterhaven.  Some of the questions left hanging will be answered--others, you'll have to wait for book #3!  I can also tell you this--you learn more about Jenna in MIRAGE, and "Dr. Hottie" too!  Let's see, what else?!  Oh, there's kissing.  Lots of kissing.  :o)

Thanks to Kristi Cook for doing the interview with me! 



  1. I like kissing! And I LOVE the title - Mirage! Awesome!

  2. Yeah! Can not wait to read this!

  3. I LOVE your web-page and really enjoyed the interview with Kristi Cook...who just happens to be my favorite all-time writer!

    Keep up the good work...looking forward to the next interview etc.

    Laurie Cook