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Firelight By Sophie Jordan

I just finished reading Firelight by Sophie Jordan about 3 minutes ago! I loved this book! The main character Jacinda seems more like a real person than most book characters. She was funny and interesting, but one thing turned me off about her was that she kinda acted whiny. She was super nice but she did SO much complaining! But still, the book was great.

Will seemed like the perfect guy, strong, sweet, funny, I would totally love to go out with that him! Well, at least until I found out he killed drakis, then I would dump him. The plot was amazing! I loved Sophie Jordan's creativity and and voice. She really made me believe she was Jacinda and really going through all of this! The characters you were supposed to like, I naturally liked, and the characters you weren't supposed to like, I didn't like. The only characters I didn't like who you were supposed to like were Tamra and Brendan. You were definitely supposed to like Brendan, and he just scared me.  I think you were supposed to sorta like Tamra, and I just hated her in every way.

I loved the idea of people who could transform into dragons or "drakis". I thought that this book had a great structure, great beginning, great middle, i just wasn't crazy about the ending. It started out cool, but the end was a total cliffhanger.

I would recommend this book to people through the ages of 13 to adult. I give this book 5 out of 5!

One Of My Favs!

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