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Masterpiece by Elise Broach

I know it took a while for me to read this book, but I didn't get a lot of reading time in the past few weeks.

Masterpiece is a unique book, truly like no other. It's sorta long, around 300 pages, but you never want to stop reading once you start, so if you read a lot, you'll be done quickly. The main characters, James and Marvin, come alive even though Marvin is a bug. They have a remarkable friendship, even with the problem of Marvin being a bug and James being a little boy. Even though they aren't the same species, James seems to try his best to remember Marvin. A couple of times through the book James forgets that he has Marvin on his hand and does somethings that almost get Marvin killed.

Basically, the plot is that Marvin (the beetle) can draw exactly like a famous drawer named Albrecht Durer, and when Marvin draws a perfect picture with James ink set, and James gets the credit for it, well, i'm not gonna tell you anymore. The writer, Elise Broach, brings the story and all the characters in it alive in a way that most writers can't, and I think that it's a great book.

I would recommend this book to peoples between the age of eight and 13. I give it four stars. 

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