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Hoot By Carl Hiaasen

When Roy Eberhardt moves to Coconut Cove Florida, he thinks it's just another move, he's used to it. But, when he encounters a strange boy while riding the school bus, life in Florida finally gets interesting. He was running away from the bus, with no books, backpack, or shoes. He feels as if he must find out more about this strange kid. On his way he discovers that Florida is full of strange things. Shoe-less boys, bear-girls, alligators who use the potty, some burrowing owls, a big stupid Floridian bully, and a bunch of brand new friends.
        Life in Florida just got really interesting.
-Violet Hart-

I have to start out my review by saying that I always say how I love getting lost in a good book, and this, my friends, was like going on a treasure hunt.  Something I personally really liked about it was how Carl Hiaasen described Mullet Fingers. He just used great descriptive words that really gave me a mental picture in my head. In fact, he used that method all through the book. Every character, everything, and every object had a jumble of description that made this book so easy to play in your head, only it didn't kill the imagination.

Not one of the characters made you want to fall asleep, they were all equally interesting, not one better then the others. There were even some scenes that were just so freaking fun and funny that even when something serious was about to happen, you couldn't help but laugh. The only problem that I noticed was that the dialogue was not quite as good as the description. He also used less dialogue then most writers use. The absolute dang funniest scene was when Roy pulled down his pants and mooned Dana Matherson (the bully), but I won't tell you what happens after that.

My favorite character was probably Beatrice. She showed a lot of girl power whenever anything important was happening. She also never backed down and showed a lot of grit. But, she didn't use a lot of self-control. She let her anger out in ways that made her seem sorta mean sometimes, but most of the time she was a nice person.

If I had to date any of the boys in this story I would totally date Mullet Fingers. Even though he's poor and (kinda) homeless, he was nice at heart and had a great sense of humor. To get to the bottom line, I loved this book a lot. It's probably one of the best books I've ever read. So, bet you know what's coming: it gets 5 out of 5 stars, and gets a recommendation to anyone over the age of 9 because it has some sorta bad language (just the d word and the h word). Anyway, tune in next time when I will be reviewing Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, and remember to keep coming here for reviews, interviews, contests, and more!

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