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Avalon High by Meg Cabot

In the past 3 days I read an amazing book called Avalon High that was written by Meg Cabot. Some of the main characters are Ellie, Will, Jennifer, Lance, Mr. Morton, and Marco. The characters acted very real to me, and acted more like real people than most book teenagers. Ellie, the new girl, quickly falls in love with a boy named Will, but he already has a girlfriend named Jennifer. And, I can't actually tell you anymore. I'm sorry that this is such a short review, I'm just having a hard time putting it into words. I loved the first part, and I was hooked on the first page, but the middle was a little, eh. I recommend this book to people between the ages of 8 to adult. Anyway, I give it five stars. Even though I had a little to complain about, still, an amazing read! Definitely read it!

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