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Interview With Heather Vogel Frederick

I have a treat for all you readers out there--a new interview for you! This time with the author of The Mother Daughter Book Club series, Heather Vogel Frederick, who just happens to be one of my all-time favorite authors.   I'm so glad she was able to answer my questions!

Q1: Where did you get the inspiration for your series, The Mother Daughter Book Club?

A1: From thinking back to what life was like for me and my sisters when we were in middle school, and from remembering what it was like to live in Concord, Massachusetts, where the books are set.  I've actually never been in a mother-daughter book club, because I have two boys!

Q2: Which character from The Mother Daughter Book Club would you rather be?

A2:Well, when I was your age I was a mix of Emma (obvious reasons -- she's a bookworm and likes to write!) and Jess (because I love animals and because I used to be super shy).  I would have LOVED to have been Cassidy, though.  She's athletic (I wasn't) and brave (not me) and always has a snappy comeback (something I never do!).  Now, as a mom, I hope I'm more like Mrs. Hawthorne than Mrs. Chadwick!

Q3: I know you've written lots of books, which one of your books or series  did you enjoy writing the most?

A3: That's kind of like asking a mom, "Who's your favorite child?"  I've enjoyed writing all of them.  I love the research involved in historical fiction, and I love being able to cut loose and make crazy stuff up the way I did in the SPY MICE books -- it's all fun!

Q4: You've written a lot of different generes (historical fiction; realistic fiction; picture books: etc...) which one do you, personally, think is the hardest to write?

A4: Historical fiction takes the most time, because of the research involved, but it's not necessarily the hardest to write.  Picture books, surprisingly, are quite difficult, because you're trying to say a lot in a very limited number of words.  I write many, many drafts of my picture books.

Q5: What are some of your current favorite books? (include two, three, four, or five)

A5: I've had so little time to read this past year, because of multiple deadlines, that I can't answer this one!  Yikes! I have piles of books waiting to be read -- just need a week or two on a beach somewhere to read them!

Q6: Are there any celebrities you pictured as any of your characters?

A6: Hmmm.  Not really.  My mind doesn't work that way.  How about you?  Did you picture anybody as you were reading? 

I wanna thank Heather Vogel Frederick for answering my questions!