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Home For The Holidays by Heather Vogel Frederick

The book club gang are going on an adventure. Megan and Becca on a cruise, Jess and Emma in New Hampshire, and Cassidy in California. Everything seems great until Becca and Megan start to fight over the handsome Phillipe, Jess breaks her leg in a sledding accident, and Cassidy might be moving back to CA!! Can they all put up with what this holiday is doing to the book club? 

Home For The Holidays is the fifth book in The Mother Daughter Book Club Series, and probably in my opinion, the second best of the bunch. I love how Heather Vogel Frederick thought up common problems in a teenage girls life like fighting over boys, getting hurt, friends moving away, and getting in arguments based on "Who's your best friend?"

 One thing I totally adored about this book was the romance. I'm telling you, The Mother Daughter Book Club Series has some of the cutest (in my mind), funniest, and most romantic boys in any middle grade novel. The two main guys in this book are Darcy (Emma's brother, Jesses girlfriend, football player, rrrreeeeaaalllllyyyy hot, and senior in high school) and Stewart (Becca's brother, Emma's boyfriend, smart guy, did some modeling, and rrrrrreeeeeaaaallllyyyyy smart). These boys know how to romance there girls. There was a scene where all the dads were swapping the moms under the mistletoe and kissing them, and even Stewart got Emma involved in the action. Darcy's real smooth but does something that makes someone important get hurt, and I'm NOT telling you who!!!  Yes, out of all the cute boys in this series, I'd be going for Stewart.

Of course something every review usually has is some negativity. A problem I actually had with this book is that everyone has their problems fixed, except for Cassidy. Now, believe me, I love a good cliffhanger but this one just left a little too much 'what's gonna happen next'. Beside from that I really din't have any problems with this book.

Here comes the part where I give it a rating and recommend it to people. Well it certainly is a middle grade book so I think that you should probably be 10 or 11 before you read this book. And on my rating scale it gets five out of five stars! Thanks for reading, and tune in again soon for more reviews, polls, contests, and interviews.

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