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Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

When Abilene Tucker's father sends her to his old home town Manifest, she feels totally abandoned. Until she must pay of debt to Ms. Sadie, the local diviner, and is told stories of Manifest from the time when her father was living there, but she can't find his footprints. Then she finds a box of momentous, and then finally starts piecing the stories together.  

Well, the first thing I can say about this book is that it was amazing. The way the story was built, the way the characters were all unique, and how there was nothing I'd ever read or heard of. Abilene gave off a glow of energy that not only kept you interested, but after you finish the book all you can do is keep on thinking about what adventure she'll have next. Even though I (almost know for sure) Clare Vanderpool isn't writing a sequel, I still keep on wishing she would. I also grew so attached to everyone in the story. I felt as if they were people I was going to meet in the future, so I mine as well learn some of there back-round info. Whenever a character died, got hurt, or had something horrible happen to them, I felt like something was happening to one of my close friends.

I do know that this was Clare Vanderpool's debut novel, and I was pretty impressed. I haven't discovered yet if she has written any other books, but when/if she does I look forward to reading them.

I only had a few problems with this book. One of them was that I felt that she did too many "I'm not  really who I seem to be" moments. I think that having one, maybe two is okay, but she had like three or four. Another problem I had was that it was little bit depressing. Because of that I would only recommend it to people over the age of 10. I think it's a great book for book club, (I know this because this was a book-club book of mine) and it totally gets 5 stars.

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