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Don't Expect Magic

When Delaney's mom dies, she's forced to go live with her father in CA. There she finds out that her dad is a fairy godmother, and so is she. Her first client is a boy named Flynn, who she is convinced is in love with the prettiest girl in school. But what if the fairy godmother is wrong?

I actually went to a signing for this book, and met Kathy McCullough. She was sssuuupppeeeerrrrr nice... and tall. Anyway, I found this book funny, enjoyable, and completely original. Every time you read a fairy tale book, it's the prissy little fairy godmother who helps the helpless little girl get her prince charming. But this fairy  tale is about the goth fairy godmother who helps the nerdy boy get the pretty girl, until the fairy godmother needs a wish of her own. The originality was probably one of my favorite parts, but I also really loved the creative story line. There were tons of things that just totally threw me off guard, and were funny, and just super interesting. My favorite character was probably Flynn, because he was so nice, and lovable. I've never meet a boy in a book who I felt so attached to or liked nearly as much as Flynn.

There wasn't really anything that I didn't like about it, so I guess that's all.

If I were to recommend this book to people I would probably recommend it to people over the age of ten. It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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