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Coffee House Angel

Every morning Katrina wakes up and works at her grandmother's coffee house until she has to go to school. But one day when she goes to take out the garbage, she sees a guy lying in the ally. Suddenly she's being followed by an angel to be given what she most desires.
I actually first picked up this book because I was browsing the YA section at my local library and I saw the cover and I was like, "Why the heck does the coffee have wings?" so I took it out from the library I read it, and frankly, I loved it. I think I really liked it because of how cute it is. I just thought that it was a nice story, but it wasn't just that, it was funny, nice, adventurous, and everything else you want in a YA novel. Another thing I really liked about it was the romance. I just loved Katrina and Malcolm's relationship so much that whenever anything happened that could possibly damage their relationship, I started wincing. One last thing I loved was the characters. I thought that they were so different from most book characters. My favorite character was Malcolm because he had such a nice heart. He never did anything that upset me, or anything mean. He was just a nice guy.

I really only had one problem with this book and that was the ending. I felt like it was sort of a forced kind of ending. I felt like it didn't exactly end--that it really should have just been the end of the chapter. After I finished it I still felt like there was more I needed to know, but I guess it was nice to have to use my imagination at the end. 

If I were to recommend this book to people I would probably recommend it to tweens and teens, because it was cute and nice, but I don't think little kids or adults would really be a fan of this book (but my mom read it and she really liked it).  I would probably give this book four out of five stars,  but I did really love it.

Hope you all read some awesome sauce books, Violet Hart

p.s. I am going to RT this year, so look for me on Teen Day!

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