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Is dog training only for dogs? According to Olivia, it's not. When she and her friends try training the kids at school so that they'll like them, it ends up backfiring and ruining people's lives. Can they save themselves and their enemies butts?

For the record when I first started reading this book I actually considered trying the training on my school (for an experiment), and then I read to the part where it backfired and I was really glad I hadn't started yet. This book had a great storyline, where lots of things happened that just made it more interesting. Another awesome thing about this book was the characters. There actually wasn't one character that I found boring or un-needed. Some of the main characters are Olivia, Mandy, Delia, Phoebe, and Joey.  My favorite was probably Mandy, the goth one, because she was funny and still serious. One last thing I liked about this book was the plot twists. At lots of moments you are actually tricked into thinking that this will happen, but it doesn't. I realize that lots of books have this quality, but this had the perfect amount.

There was very little that I didn't love about Fetching. I actually think that the beginning was a little slow, but then sped up quickly. Then somewhere around the end it slowed down again, but overall the pacing was fine.

For a recommendation, I would probably give it to people who are between the ages of 10 and 14. This book really did blow me away enough to receive 5 out of 5 stars.

<3, and awesome sauce, Violet

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