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Faith, Hope, and Ivy June

Ivy June is from Thunder Creek Kentucky, a town where they work on mills, and act like there from the 1930s. But when she signs up to do an exchange program with Lexington, the most fancy city in Kentucky, she finds herself learning about things she couldn't have dreamed of!

This book was interesting and cute, and I very much enjoyed it, but I wouldn't declare my love for it. It was very sweet, the way the two girls start such a good bond, and how much Ivy June cares for her grandfather. When Ivy June and Catherine thought that something bad was going to happen, my heart would start to race. It had that kind of effect on me. I also liked Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's style of writing. For some reason it really appealed to me.

I fell in love with Thunder Creek. As I read I really wished that I could move there. The rivers, the mountains, and how everyone knew each other seemed sooo nice. Even though I preferred Thunder Creek, I liked Catherine's friends better than I liked Ivy June's friends. I also liked all the Thunder Creek boys better then the Lexington boys.

What I didn't like so much is that Naylor brought things back a lot. When they mentioned that Papaw was working in the mine and that it wasn't safe, they kept on repeating it like it was a new thought. That was like, the only thing that I didn't like about it. I would only recommend this book to people between the ages of 8 and 12. It gets four out of five stars.

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