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What Happened to Goodbye

Ever since the divorce Mclean has tried to be a different person. But at this new town, she's gonna try and be herself, and she's going to need help to figure out who that really is. With the help of her new friends Heather, Riley, Ellis, Deb, and especially Dave she may be able to figure it out.

What Happened to Goodbye was a creative, funny, and interesting story. The characters came so alive to me.  When I finished the book I was totally like, "What?!?! That's all? I must know more! Dave and Mclean forever!" I think my cat thought I was crazy.I loved all of the characters so dearly, but my favorite was probably Dave. I liked him because when you read YA books the guy character is usually really angsty, but Dave totally wasn't. Even when something bad was happening, he stayed optimistic, nice, and good to everyone. Mclean I don't think I liked as much because I thought she had the right to be mad at her mother and to be a little sad, but I thought she acted very whiny, and I also thought she was particularly not nice to her mom. another thing I liked about this book was the writing style of Sarah Dessen. She gave enough detail that I really had an easy time picturing the book. I got clear visuals of everywhere Mclean went, and everyone she met. I really love when I can read and have an easy time seeing everything.

The only thing I actually didn't like about it is that I felt as if there were a lot of unnecessary cursing. An example is that her cars name was Super the s word.

I recommend this book to teens and grown ups. I give it four out of five stars.

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