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What I can't wait to read!

Hey guys! Here are some books that I really can't wait to read! I'll include the cover, title, author, and the date in which they come out. I hope you get as pumped as I am and look up these awesome books!

1. Allegiant  by Veronica Roth is the 3rd book in the Divergent series. I can't wait to read it because I was such a huge fan of the first two books.

It comes out on October 22, 2013 according to goodreads.com

2. United We Spy by Ally Carter. It is the 6th and final book in the Gallagher Girls Series. It is a awesome series and I am excited (and depressed) to see how it ends!

It comes out on September 17, 2013 according to goodreads.com

3. Waterfell by Amalie Howard. I am a huge fan of her work and I can't wait to read this amazing book!

It comes out on October 29, 2013 according to goodreads.com


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