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Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

Levi and Macallan are best friends, and they have been since Levi moved to Macallan's town in the 7th grade. And they are happy being best friends, not complicating their whole relationship. 
But recently it has gotten more complicated. Boys won't ask Macallan out because they always think she is dating Levi. And maybe Levi spends a little too much time joking around with Macallan and not enough time out with his date. But through it all they just keep reminding themselves: we are better off friends. But is it true? Are they really just best friends?

I got an ARC of this book from a friend of my mom, and I thought the title was kinda cool. I have a lot of guy friends, and people seriously like to tick me off by making those annoying, "You two are totally dating" type comments, so I thought that this book might be one of those it happened to me kinda things. So, I picked it up pretty quickly.
I must tell you, from the first page I was hooked. Macallan was a refreshing voice. She was damaged, but not to a point where I found her at all whiny or only letting her life revolve around the bad thing that happened to her (which I won't say because *imitate River song* SPOILERS!!). Levi was just downright adorable! He was funny and sweet, but not unrealistically. He is actually getting added to my list of best fictional males.
I would like to take a minute here to appreciate Elizabeth Eulberg's fabulous writing in this book. What I found soooooo amazing was that the book started when the characters were all in 7th grade and went all the way through high school, and the voices of all the character changed in realistic way as they grew up. When they were seventh graders, I seriously could have believed the dialogue was written by some seventh graders. Same thing as the book went on. When they were eighth graders, they sounded like a bunch of eighth graders. When they were in high school, they sounded like a bunch of high schoolers. I also thought it was nice the way the characters gained and lost friends in a way that really happens in school.
So, I liked this book! It was funny, and sweet. I genuinely enjoyed it, and I can't wait for it come out so that I can make my friends read it and then blab about it for hours (which I do actually do!!). When this book comes out in March, scoop it up immediately and be expecting a great read! 4.5 out of 5 stars!! Thanks for reading!

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