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Vanish (Firelight 2) By Sophie Jordan

Today I'll be reviewing Vanish, the sequel to Firelight, by Sophie Jordan. I know this wasn't on my most recent On My Bookshelf, but when my mom brought it home for me, I sort of freaked. As some of you already know, I fell in love with Firelight (BTW I wear a Team Draki bracelet everyday, I even sleep with it on sometimes) so of course I have some positive, and some negative thoughts about this book.

First off, I loved all of the new characters! Miram just had this mysterious feel, and exciting vibe coming from her, and it really seemed interesting to give Cassian a sister. Here comes the negative part-- I would have liked it if Sophie Jordan had at least mentioned her in Firelight, because she sort of just walked into the story, but still loved her lots! Corbin was the other newly introduced important character. I understand why the author didn't introduce Corbin before. He just wasn't important enough. I loved how he just made the love square between Jacinda, Cassian, Tamra, and Will, a love hexagon. He created so much tension between Jacinda and Cassian.

     I loved the idea of making Cassian and Jacinda do something that I can't say, but will make all you Firelight fans who think Jacinda should end up with Will pretty mad. I bet most of you guys out there reading this think that Jacinda should end up with Will, right? Well, I am one of those very rare people who like Cassian better than Will.

     My overall opinion is that even though this book was confusing in some parts, I still thought it was like, ten times better that the first one (which I loved) so I guess I would give it five stars!

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