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Forgive My Fins & Fins Are Forever

Howdy! So, because I read these two books wwwaaayyy too quickly, I'm going to do a paragraph for each giving a small review.

Forgive My Fins

This book was a fin-flicking tale of true love, and not so true love. I absolutely adored it! One thing I really liked about it was how it was different. In almost any mermaid thing you read or watch, the girl mermaid is in love with the boy who's normal. This book starts out that way, but it completely changes. In this book, she accidentally ends up with her annoying neighbor. In this story there is a thing called a "bond" which is when a mermaid kisses someone, they turn mer and have an emotional connection for life, that can only be separated by the king. Of course this book was different and Lily ended up bonding with Quince, the neighbor. I liked how those few details made it completely different from most mermaid tales. Another thing I liked was the boys. She created some realistic boy characters, who in my opinion, acted very similar to the ones in my grade. Sorta teasing the girls a little, always joking around, and then being able to be serious when the time comes. I liked that. I always appreciate reading something where the characters seem real.  Sometimes, though, the style of writing didn't quite work for me.  I would recommend this book to tweens. It seems to me like a middle grade, or teen book. I wouldn't really think that boys would like this as much as girls might, just because of how the story goes. I give this book four out of five stars.

Fins Are Forever

Let me start off by saying that I was not disappointed by the sequel. I loved how the writer brought back a not-so-important character from the first one, and made her important here. I have some kind of weird thing that goes on in my head sometimes when I read. What happens is that I predict stuff, and I often think about which character I like and why. For some odd reason, in this story I really liked Doe. Even though she was partially not nice in the beginning, I knew she would be able to be cured. I did have no idea, however, that she was going to bond with Brody, and that they would not get a separation. I loved how sweet that was. I did notice thought that Lilly acts a lot like a little kid. She calls her dad daddy, and she sometimes does a lot of whining. She got on my nerves a little in this book. Once again in this book I had a couple of problems with the writer's style, but overall I really liked it. I think I actually preferred this one better than the first, so I give it five out of five stars. I cannot wait to read the new one coming out in July, Just For Fins!

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