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In a perfect society, there are five factions. Amity (the peaceful), Dauntless (the brave), Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intelligent), and Candor (the honest).  Beatrice comes from Abnegation, but at the choosing ceremony decides to transform herself by choosing a new faction. But in a spree of dangerous love, villains, and shocking betrayals Beatrice will decide if she is evil or good.

One choice can transform you- and the choice to read this book, completely transformed me. I found it extremely enjoyable to read, and thought the characters were funny, interesting, and nothing but good. The couples were perfect. I'm not going to say who is who in a couple, but both couples made me so happy the second they came into the story. The story was good too. It was especially funny for the kind of book it was. It was one part moody, sad, scary, and depressing, then one part funny, and cute. An example of this book being funny is that Will call Christina "tough as cotton balls" when he finds out that she is afraid of moths. My favorite character was probably Four. He was really funny, and he did everything in his power to protect Tris (what Beatrice changes her name to). Even though he was tough and close to fearless, he had such a kind heart and didn't even resent Tris when she hit him. He was pretty good at keeping his cool. He was like the perfect guy character in my opinion. I thought all of the training was really cool. All of the training scenes had a great flow to how it all worked. Another thing I liked about this book was how, different then other YA books, there were actually parts in the book where something would happen to someone and you would go, "Oh my god! Ahhhhhhh!" I honestly did that in many parts of this book. Especially the part where Eric made Christina do something *really* dangerous that I will not say because it's a spoiler.

As I said before, the characters were really original, but I did not find the plot that original. I actually found it a lot like the Hunger Games. The place where they think that their society is perfect, one group of people want to destroy the government, and the girl character falls in love with someone she isn't supposed to. Also I found the Dauntless training center a lot like the Hunger Games training center. I also found it a little risky how she killed off a lot of main characters for the first book in a series. Although, I haven't read the sequel yet, so I don't know if it will work out of not. I really super duper hope it works because I liked this book and I don't want to get to the sequel and be disappointed. If I am disappointed though, I will still continue reading the series. I look forward to reading more of Veronica Roth.

I highly recommend this book. But it seriously not for children. I had some horrific moments, and a lot or sad things happened. When I finished the book, I cried for fifteen minutes. My sister was trying to get my to shut up about it for about 14 minutes and 55 seconds worth of it. I look forward to reading the sequel, and because of my problems with the story it gets four out of five stars.

Love, Violet Hart <3 :o)

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