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Hazel had Jack and life was perfect. You know it can't be that easy. One day, Jack just stops talking to Hazel, and while everyone tells Hazel that sometimes this kind of stuff just happens, she knows it isn't that simple. Then, Hazel must travel into the woods to save her best friend and her life. But with that much pressure on you, can Hazel achieve her goal. 

Breadcrumbs was like a modern fairy-tale. I loved how Ursu crossed different stories to make one big original book. I loved Hazels' determination. No matter how much everyone told her to just give up she didn't. I feel like this is a very important characteristic in a girl heroine. Also, this book had great detail. I had a complete picture in my head at every point in this book. I really loved Hazel and Jack. They were both really nice, funny, and cute. This book brought a lot emotion to me. When Jack started being mean to Hazel, I just felt so emotional about it. I got so mad at Jack! I just wanted to break my book in half.

I thought this book started out really slow, but that was my only complaint.

I give this book 3/5 stars!

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