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Perfect You

"Vitamins had ruined my life." Says Kate. Her father has quit his job to sell Perfect You vitamins at the mall and is making Kate do it with him, her best friend became popular and is't talking to her anymore, and lastly, she has a huge crush on Will, the popular guy who has dated about half the girls in school. Is there a way for Kate to fix her broken life-without having a broken heart? 

I've read another Elizabeth Scott book (Something, Maybe), and this one was not as good as it. In fact, I didn't like this one very much at all. I did, although, like the creative plot. For once the reasons why her life is terrible are not the same thing.  I have seen the best friend thing before more that the other two, but O.K. I also liked how not everything was solved, but she worked with it and became happy anyway. My favorite character was Kates brother Todd. He was funny, and liked to pick on his sister, but in the end of it loved her so much. He was so sweet. The grandmother was also really funny. She was funny in the ways of she was really ridiculous. I also liked how the dad seemed like such a great guy, but turned out to be horrible, and selfish. I would be like that mom and dump him.

I thought this book had no action. Barley anything happened where my heart was racing, or actually interesting. I felt like it started out really slow, and only picked up a tiny, little bit. I had a very hard time getting into this book, and I noticed I would pick it up to read, and not really want to be reading it. Aslo, I would read something, and I would read it, but not really know what was going on because I was that disinterested.

I do not really recommend this book. If you are really itching to read an Elizabeth Scott book, I recommend Something, Maybe. An age group would probably be from 14 to 17. I do feel bad, but this only gets two out of five stars.
I hope you enjoyed my review, and I would love to hear what you think in the comments section.

Love and read again, Violet Hart

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