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Born at Midnight

Kylie has had a lot of crap dumped on her lap recently. Her grandma died, her parents are getting a divorce for who knows why, and suddenly someone is stalking her. The weirdest part is that no one can see her stalker, and because of it, her mother thinks she's crazy and is sending her to a camp that she believes is for troubled teens. But when Kylie uncovers the truth about the Shadow Falls Camp, she finds herself surrounded by dangerous creatures, and doesn't know what she is. Can she find out before it's to late?

I love the cover, and I love the book, so basically it was a double package. I thought it was a really creative idea for a book. It's kinda like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, except instead of Greek gods, these kids are paranormal creatures. I actually enjoyed this book more. Shadow Falls Camp was an exciting and interesting location for a book, and I loved all the teens there. Kylie, Miranda, Della, Derek, and Lucas were undeniably amazing and original characters. My favorite was Della (the vampire) because she was the funniest, most original, and interesting character. I also liked how she seemed all mean and sad, but turned out to be one of the nicest people at the camp. I loved all of the character C.C. Hunter brought into this story. Not only did she have great character, she had an amazing plot. That is something I really enjoy. On the subject of love triangles, this one was really written well. I honestly believed that she loved both the boys and couldn't decide. I've read so many books with love triangles where I had a very clear idea of who she was going to end up with. Here, I have absolutely no idea. I, personally, am on team Lucas. I guess I just have a thing for werewolves.

I really had nothing wrong with this story and highly recommend it. It gets 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for tweens and teens! Hope you liked my review!

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