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Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls #5)

Cammie Morgan has no memory of what she did over the summer. Nothing. When she returns to the Gallagher Academy, she is surprised to find out how different it has become. Zach is a student, Bex isn't taking to her, Liz and Macey are pretending to be nice to her, and Joe Solomon is always unconscious. Somehow, Cammie has to get her memory, but that becomes hard when everyone is trying to stop you.

I love this series so much, and this new edition was not a disappointment in any way. It had action, romance, comedy, and lots of suspense. There were times in this book where I was like, "I know this is going to happen!" and it would. Also, there were other times where I would go, "I have no idea what so ever what's going to happen next!" There was a lot of interesting plot twists. Most of these plot twists had to do with characters. This book changed my opinion on certain characters. This book gave me a lot of emotion. When Bex, Liz, and Macey were mad at Cammie, it broke my heart. Whenever I think of this series, I think of Bex, Cammie, Macey, and Liz as best friends. I thought that there was nothing that could tear them apart or ruin their friendship. But when I got to this book, I wanted to cry because everything I knew about these four best friends had changed, adn not in a good way. I loved Zach a lot in this book. There have always been two ways I thought of Zach: spy Zach, and boyfriend Zach. I felt like I got to see more of the boyfriend side of him in this book. In the last one, they had a lot going on, and he was very busy running around, so I saw more of the spy guy. But in this book, they spent a part of the book at the Gallagher Academy relaxing a little bit. Therefor, I saw more of the boyfriend. He got jealous, and acted really sweet. When he was acting really sweet, I just wanted to start cheering because he was acting like the best boyfriend ever! I loved that portion of the story so much.

As I said earlier, this book did not disappoint me in any way. This is true so I have no complaints whatsoever on this story. It gets five out of five stars hands down, and I really recommend this series for people who enjoy romance, action comedy, and girls kicking butt. I really hope you liked my review, and if you did please comment of follow my blog. Keep reading!

Luv, Violet Hart

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