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Beautiful Creatures

In  Gatlin County, there were no surprises. At least, that's what Ethan thought. Turns out, he couldn't have been more than wrong. When Lena moves to town, Ethan discovers secrets that a buried hidden in Gatlin. And Lena and Ethan are running out of time to save they're happiness.

I absolutely adored this book. It was a flawless action filled with romance and comedy. I especially enjoyed the setting of Gatlin County. I thought the way Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl made it so nobody come to Gatlin County, and no one left because it made Lena moving there even more shocking and important. It wouldn't have been important if they had lived somewhere popular like New York City or Los Angles. I thought that was a very interesting idea, and it worked out very well. My mother lived in the south for her entire childhood including, being a teenager, and my grandparents still live in the south, so I go to southern places a lot. I thought it was really interesting to set a book in a southern town where it seemed very southern. I also loved the characters. Lena was way more interesting than so many other main girl characters, and was funny. Ethan was funny, sweet, and great guy. I thought their relationship was perfect. I can't possibly imagine a pair more perfectly matched. I totally can not wait until I can read the sequel (which will happen when I finally go to the library). I also can not wait until the movie comes out!

I loved this book, and once again it gets five out of five stars. I highly, highly recommend this, and it is perfectly appropriate for middle and fifth. Read it!

Luv Violet

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