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Auggie Pullman is not normal. I don't mean not normal like being different like most kids. I mean that Auggie has a big facial deformity. Auggie has also never been to school, until now. Suddenly, Auggie has to go to a normal school, try to make friends, and deal with some horrible people. But can a kid who thinks he's weird uncover that he's really a wonder?

I go to this bookstore called The Voracious Reader (really great bookstore, I highly recommend it) and the lady in charge told me about this book. So, I recommended it to my book club, and that was the book we read. Everyone really, really, loves it. Including me. I felt like it was a very important subject, that was handled in a way that was enjoyable and  informative. There was so much character and emotion to this story, that I felt so bad whenever someone was mean to Auggie about his condition. Things would happen and I would feel like bursting in to tears. Also, I read so many books with such great character, that I can't even remember the plot of the book. This book did not have that problem. I can remember the plot, and I felt ridiculously connected to Auggie, Via, Summer, Jack, and Justin. This book had such a great moral, plot, characters, and story. I could read this book over and over again and I would never get used to all the sadness, and happiness this book had. Auggie, Jack, and Summer were one of the best group of friends in any book I've ever read. When Jack started being mean to Auggie, I almost started sobbing right there at my desk. Then when you found out what really happened, and they became friends again, I was so happy. I love a friendship where they have a problem, but they can still work through it.

There was not a particular amount of action in this story, there was mostly feelings and problem solving. There was only one actual action scene, and that was the scene where the older kids started picking on Auggie, and his friends (and some other people who become his friends also) stand up for him. It turned into a big fist fight. I loved that scene because it was action filled, and proved that people really did like Auggie, but it also made me sad because it also proved how judging people can be of those who are different. I felt like there was some sadness that was just extra and was completely unneeded. For example, when the really bad thing happened to the dog, and when Miranda (A really good friend of Via's) started being really mean to Via. Considering all of the sadness and frustration from the side of the story about Auggie and all the people being mean to him about his facial condition, all this other stuff just made me depressed and annoyed.

I liked this book a lot, and I highly recommend it to children who can handle sadness, and enjoy books about feelings. It gets four out of five stars, and I hope you enjoy it!

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