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Beautiful Darkness

Ethan and Lena are back, but things will never be the same. Lena is changing rapidly. She spends more time with her evil cousin, dresses differently, has less time for Ethan, and is spending time with a mysterious incubus. She is slowly going dark, so can Ethan, Link, and a new friend named Liv save her before she chooses dark over light?

As all of you know I loved Beautiful Creatures, and this sequel was not a very big disappointment. I thought that Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl brought in a lot more emotion to the second book in the Caster Chronicles then they did in the first. I almost started crying when Lena was changing and being not nice to Ethan, and Link. The way they  made Lena so distant and lonely really spoke to me and changed my input on her. Instead of just seeing her as the sweet girl who would do anything to protect Ethan and her friends, I saw her as the dark, powerful, and dangerous girl she could be if she needed to. I also thought this book focused more on the power that casters and other creatures hold, and less on the romance portion of the story. Even though they didn't focus as much on the romance, the parts where they did focus on it were so sweet or hot I almost died. I've actually decided that I'm a bigger fan of Link and Ridely than I am of Ethan and Lena. I thought one of the best parts in the whole book was when they were in the woods and trees started to fall, and a big branch fell on Link. I liked it because when it fell on him, Ridely started freaking out and trying to pull it off him. I just loved that. I think Ridely really was tried to be shown as a more soft person in this book. In the first book, there was nothing I really liked about her, but in this I actually liked him.

I thought that the whole first quarter of this book was pretty unnecessary.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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